Tie Talk - "The tie must go on"
Tie Talk  is here to provide information on tie related matters.
As I am currently the vice president of the Tie Society of Australia, I thought it fitting to have a motto so.......   my motto is  "The tie must go on" and it can be interpreted as follows:
*   obligation - one must wear a tie for work or special occasions
*   endurance - the tie must continue through the centuries
*   recreation -  remake your favourite ties into clothing, art pieces, etc
*   recycling  -  donate to a charity shop and give them a second life
*   reinvention -  wear your tie a different way
*   replacement -  women will wear ties if the men aren't up for it
Tie Talk
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The Cleaning of Ties
I will be providing here some of the ways in which I clean my ties, most of which would not be recommended by dry cleaners. It was however a dry cleaner who set me on this path of discovery - not for the faint-hearted!
Polyester ties - place in a bucket with laundry soaker until they cooperate, usually a couple of hours. Repeat for days if necessary. If still not successful the stain will probably not go away. After rinsing, hang on the line. Place a cotton cloth over the tie to iron. I'm not very patient with polyester - I call them the cockroaches of ties - they will still be around when all the gorgeous silks have curled up and died!
(Work in progress - silks to come)
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