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I have some Hermès ties for sale. Let me know which one you are interested in and I will provide details. Varying conditions, widths and prices. Average price $55. Payment by bank transfer in Australia. Paypal for international.

Tie Talk
Are you a focalologist?
Do you suffer from focaleholism?
 Visit the website of the Tie Society of Australia and you will find answers to these difficult questions.
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About ...
The Tie Society of Australia
The Tie Society of Australia was formed in 2003 by Colin Randall,
the president of the Tie Society.
If you would like to become a member you can contact us through the website and download a membership form.
CANTEEN is the nominated charity of the Tie Society of Australia as we share a common interest in neckwear. Donations are raised through tie exhibitions, society dinners and proceeds of tie sales.
Want to know more? Visit our website  www.tiesociety.com.au
                                               FOCALE FOCUS – January 2010.
We have signed the Lease Agreement  with the Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles which is located in the Superintendents Office of the old Maitland Jail.
Our donor has donated, through the Tie Society, the lease fee for 12 months.
The storage area is being cleared ready to move in our Tie Museum.
The display case will also be readied.
It is expected that new accessions to the Museum will be displayed along with the themed display.
To match with our new home, our first display of ties will have a Police /policing/law  theme  including Squad Ties and associated police/police rescue ties.
Any members with specific ties that fit the category are invited to contact Judy Ryan who is to curate this first exhibition in our new home.
The ties we have already for the exhibition from our current museum items include:
* Kings Cross Detectives – Red with thin stripes of gold black and silver with logo KXD’s over vertical syringe and crossed handgun and knife -  A. Royale Club Ties
* Major Crime Squad – Red with crossed sledge hammer and shotgun with attached handcuffs and initials MCS
* ACT Police CIB - Criminal Investigation Branch
* Australian Customs
* NSW Police Olympics Sydney  1988
* AIES - Australian Institute of Emergency Services
* NSW Police Contingent - ILEO Edmonton 1990
* Sydney University Law School
Many of the NSW and Victorian police squads had ties. The following are excerpts from two newspaper articles about the Squad ties. If anyone knows of these ties we would like to try and obtain  them for the display.
Disbanded NSW Consorting Squad
Sydney Morning Herald Feb 25, 1993
Seventy four members of the legendary, but now banned NSW Police Consorting Squad held a behind-closed-doors reunion at the Mandarin Club on Tuesday evening. The Consorters targeted the associates of organised crime, from the notorious razor gang era, through to the modern crackdowns on city hotels and racecourses, always on the lookout for undesirables. Recently a long-forgotten social fund was discovered, so the lads threw one last bash at the Mandarin Club presenting those who attended with a commemorative Consorting Squad tie. And the tie worn by the Consorting Squad is said to feature horseshoes in honour of the amount of time its detectives spent at the track.
Victorian Armed Robbery Squad
Saturday April 8, 1995
A big man with a punishing handshake, Ray Watson, 44, is one of two senior sergeants who answers to a chief inspector in charge of the armed robbery squad. ``We do see ourselves as the good guys who get the bad guys . . ," he says. At the brutalising front line of crime prevention and detection, their job is to track down the most violent of criminals.
``THE reality of the situation is that, if you are going to deal with the tough elite of criminals in society, the most violent, then you are not going to put boy scouts in there, are you?" Paul Delianis, a former Victoria Police deputy commissioner, is explaining the endurance of the tough-guy image that has clung to the squad he headed until the late 1970s.
They are known to be the hard hats in the force, says solicitor and barrister Robert Galbally, because the kind of criminals they pursue are ``tough nuts themselves".
Shared experience has forged close ties between the 80 or so members and ex-members, trained to use not just the standard police-issue .38 model-10 Smith & Wesson and 12-gauge shotguns. They alone have earned the right to wear a numbered black tie with crossed-handgun insignia.
Ray Watson, who oversees operations from the squad's offices at the St Kilda Road police centre, has tie No. 2. The proud owner of No. 1 is Senior Sergeant Neil Edwards, 53, a veteran of 32 years in the force, who co-ordinates administration.
Identification and tagging of Museum ties has continued during January.
This has led to the identification of a wide variety of institutional and organizational ties.
Following a chance encounter and a request as to which regiment he served in, Mr James D Cunningham of Swansea NSW, aged 93 , has donated two ties to the Society. See attached image (sorry, not yet on tietalk website).
  • The Cunningham Clan tartan tie – maker Lochcarron , Scotland
  • Royal Tank Regiment – maker CH Munday , England
James was a member of the Tank Regiment. The tie colours, brown, red and green represent the regiment's motto; through MUD and BLOOD to the GREENFIELDS above.
Your President  was favoured by Santa with three ties. See attached images
  • Hobbies , Book spines. Bodleian Library , University of Oxford   - by Fox & Chave, From Henry Bucks
  • Oscar Wilde Sayings - by Fox & Chave, From Henry Bucks
  • Regimental colours – Dexter design -  by Breuer ( German). From Henry Bucks
The associated image of a Koi Carp Fishbone tie rack  may appeal to some.
Member Bob Osburn was interviewed on ABC radio 702 one evening, end October/early November  2009 - all about skinny ties and his secret female contact!!
We asked Bob to give us  details on his interest in skinnies.
Here is his response:
“I have a thin tie collection of about 400 ties. I've been collecting for about 25 years.
Most span the 1950s and 1960s.
I started when my father left me his only tie - a knotted square-end black tie from the sixties.
I've been trying to avoid the 70s leather comeback but a couple of examples have crept into my stockpile.
I have a number of female friends around Australia and in England who help me collect.
They keep an eye out.
Two of them work for charities so they can snaffle the thin ones as they spot them.
Prices vary enormously from $2 at Op shops and up to about $40 from those in the know.
But, of course, you'd be familiar with that situation.
Her-indoors has banned me from bringing any more ties into the house.
She seems to think it's become an obsession - not a collection.
So, I'm reduced to smuggling them in.
The wardrobe space is being chewed up and she's been marginalised to one cramped end.
That's the price we have to pay! “
VP Judy Ryan will be seeking assistance to revamp the website. Any members with specific capacity on web design etc. would be welcomed by her.
As advised earlier the process of getting charitable status will be concluded  by 30 June 2010.
I would like to remind those members who are yet to pay their annual subscription that to assist members in the payment of the Annual Subscriptions we are now able to take payment by credit card as well as by cheque as in the past. I urge all members to re-subscribe so as to assist in the running of the Society and to enable us to make our donations to Canteen.
Col Randall
Tie Society of Australia
Tie Society of Australia
PO Box 683
NSW      2300
                  World Tie Day, 2008
The 18th October was declared World Tie Day and in 2008 it fell on a Saturday. As this was not a work day, the wearing of a tie would have shown off your focalogical knowledge.
The Tie Society of Australia  celebrated the day with a dinner attended by the Consul of Croatia .  Very fitting, as Croatia is the country which declared 18th October to be World Tie Day (World Cravat Day). To find out more visit their website www.academia-cravatica.hr  (it's in English)
Check back later for updates or if you have a question, email me through the Contacts page.
There's much more to come! 
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